Numbers 7:9 "Because the service of the sanctuary belongs to them; they shall bear it upon their shoulders"

On her birthday, Miriam's father took her to "The Toy House" to buy a present.

Miriam chose a pretty doll and, at the same time, her father bought other toys for Miriam's younger sister and brother.

At the counter, the saleswoman wrapped the items and put them all in a shopping bag. As soon as they walked out of the store, Miriam unwrapped the doll and clutched it happily.

"Miriam," her father said, "can't you wait until we get home?" "But Daddy, I love my new doll and I want to hold her in my own hands!"

The Aron HaKodesh is the holiest object in the Beit HaMikdash.

Every Jew must regard it with dignity and respect.

When it had to be transferred, the Levites were commanded to carry it on their shoulders.

Instead of using wagons, they held it with their hands.