Deuteronomy 31:19 "Write this song for yourselves"

Do you have a personal diary or, perhaps, a special notebook that you like to write in?

Many people do.

They write down things they feel are important and later they carefully read what they wrote.

The Torah is our holy book, describing our life as Jews.

Telling us what our nation did in the past; Mitzvot we must do now; teaching us thoughts and ideas which we should adapt.

This Positive Mitzvah tells us that every Jew is commanded to write a Torah scroll.

As he writes it, he will be inspired by its lessons. It belongs to him and he will strive to fulfill the Mitzvot that he himself has carefully inscribed.

A person may hire a scribe to prepare this Torah scroll for him.

He may also purchase a letter in a Torah scroll being written. He then shares in the writing of the scroll and is united with many other Jews owning letters in that same Torah scroll.