Don't read this, please.
Or soon you may find out too much.
Don't read this - please.
This page should be marked,"DO NOT TOUCH!"

So you won't stop! Now you're bound to find out,
Just what I don't want you to know.
And then before long, if you read this whole thing,
You'll learn how to get rid of me - NO!

The first thing you're probably going to find out,
Just hurts me so much - it's a shame!
It will actually tell you for all you do wrong,
That it's really me who's to blame!

The next thing that this will have the nerve to say,
Is that I'm a really big sneak.
I am invisible. I make no sound.
Yet you manage to hear me speak.

I talk in a way that you'll listen,
But nobody else ever knows!
And then when you end up in trouble -
Well that's just the way that it goes!

Like if you find The Bag of Goodies,
I tell you to take out "just one".
Then you take another ... and another.
Yes, soon you are having such fun -

That is until you are in trouble.
See, I say to take only one.
Then ... guess what! Before you know it -
(Gulp) The whole bag of candy is ... done!

Hee! Hee! hee! hee! I love trouble!
I talk in a sweet voice a lot.
I get you to do things by saying they're fine.
But (Hee! Hee! Hee!) - really they're not!

That's why it's important to not read this stuff.
`Cause then I'd be in a real fix.
See, there's just one way you can stop me,
And that's if you find out my tricks!

"Oh, come on!" (I start that way.)
"Just think how yummy it will taste!
Nobody's looking - so please -
Don't let this great chance go to waste!"

Yes, if you hear me getting started,
Then don't stick around `til the end.
Just say right back to me, "Sorry,
But you are not really my friend!"

Wait - this will work even better!
Here's what will do the job best:
Say, "Go away, Yetzer Hara!"
Then you'll see what happens next.

I disappear when you call me!
Quick as you figure out I'm the one,
Getting you into each mess you get in.
I don't stick around - I just run!

I suddenly lose all my power,
The minute you call me by name!
And once you have found out this secret,
You can beat me at my own game!

I hate it when people find out that it's me.
Still ... I will return. (By surprise!)
When you are not looking, that's when I'll show up -
But I'll be in a new disguise!

All you have to do then is recognize me!
I'll try every trick in the book.
But once you say, "Hey! Yetzer Hara!"
You have caught me by the hook!

I'll say that I'm asking for just one small thing.
"Please, pretty please!" I may try.
Disguised with a sweet voice, I'll say I'm your pal.
Don't tell anyone - but I lie!

Now, please ... pretty please! There's just one thing I ask.
We're pals. Isn't that clear enough?
If my secrets get out - I'll NEVER get them back -