On Rosh Hashanah, when you hear the shofar’s cry,
Can you imagine a fire engine racing by?
Its siren blasts “Watch out!” to all.
TEKIAH!” That’s our “Wake up!” call!

On Yom Kippur, when you pound your chest,
And try to be your very best,
“I’m sorry” is what you need to say.
Can you imagine? You’re like an angel on this day!

When you sit in a Sukkah on a clear, cool night,
Can you imagine the clouds so white?
Above our heads, we followed them,
To Eretz Yisroel, with trust in Hashem.

On Chanukah, when you see the Menorah,
Can you imagine what it was like to learn Torah,
When it wasn’t allowed, and we had to hide?
We were found playing dreidels – when they looked inside!

When Purim comes, you give out treats,
You give what your friends like to eat,
You may wear a mask, but your smile is real.
Can you imagine how happy you help them feel?

What is Pesach all about?
Remembering that Hashem took us out,
From a place where we were all enslaved.
Can you imagine how great it felt to be saved?!?!

Amidst thunder and lightening, came the most awesome noise.
Can you imagine when we heard Hashem’s voice?
On Shavuos, we were all right there.
And now the Torah is ours to share!

When it’s Tisha B’Av, we’re very sad,
But someday we will be SO glad.
We’re rebuilding our Holy Temple, stone by stone.
Can you imagine? Each mitzvah is bringing us Home!!!