Holiday Stories

Enthralling Stories for Every Holiday

Fascinating and exciting stories about the special days of our year.

Rosh Hashanah Stories
A selection of Rosh Hashanah stories tailor-made for children.
Yom Kippur Stories
Yom Kippur stories for children.
Sukkot Stories
A selection of Sukkot-themed stories for children.
Simchat Torah Stories
A collection of gripping stories about the Simchat Torah holiday and its joyous observances.
Chanukah Stories
Chanukah stories for children.
Purim Stories
A selection of exciting Purim stories for children. Stories about the traditional holiday of Purim as well as various "Purims" that have sprung up throughout our long history.
Passover Stories
Stories from the children's classic The Storyteller: A Seder without Wine... A Strange Seder... Elijah’s Cup... On The Shore Of the Red Sea... Once Upon A Passover Night... Passover in Siberia... The Seder Plate...
Shavuot Stories
The Best Merchandise... The Man Who Celebrated Tikkun-Night... Everyone Had a Chance... The Guarantee...The Day of Days...