Today they brought the new baby home.
Everyone seemed thrilled.
They moved that baby into my room.
But it was already filled.

Today lots of people kept coming.
But they came just to see,
The new little baby put into my room.
Why didn't they look at me?

When my Mommy was away, my Daddy had said,
"Mommy's bringing you home a surprise!"
And then I got stuck with this baby - some treat,
He just cries and cries and CRIES!

My big brother, David, was happy the baby was here.
But I hoped, maybe, if I prayed really hard,
The baby would disappear!

I felt no one would miss me,
If I would run away and hide.
Nobody seemed to notice how sad I was,
And so, I went outside.

I didn't really want to run away,
But I wanted to know someone cared.
I ran out of the house, and down the whole block.
Then I began to feel scared.

What if they all forgot about me?
Where else could I go?
I was just about to turn around,
When someone grabbed my elbow.

"Where were you going?" my Dad asked,
"You know we do not allow ... "
When he looked at my face, he said softly,
"Your Mom wants to speak to you now."

Hand in hand, we walked back home.
I went in to see my mother.
She sat up in bed when she saw me and smiled,
"Do you like your new little brother?"

I don't know why, but right at that minute,
The tears couldn't wait anymore.
I really was trying not to -
But out came a big downpour!

My Mommy got up and hugged me.
Then we sat in her rocking chair.
It felt so "comfy" in her lap,
I let her stroke my hair.

"Oh, my little Benny,
I know why you are sad.
I understand your tears so well.
Why, how could you be glad?"

"Suddenly a new baby's come,
And you feel you've lost your place.
Not only is he taking up my time,
He also takes up your space!"

"But want to know a secret,
Not many people know?
When each child joins our family,
Then G‑d makes my heart grow!"

"Do you know how special you are to me?
Why, no one like you exists!
Your catchy smile, your easy laugh -
I really could fill up lists!"

"And here's another secret:
It's also sometimes hard for me,
To believe that with billions of people on earth,
G‑d can really see -"

"Each one of his children,
Every single one, apart.
But G‑d loves each one in a special way.
We all fit inside G‑d's heart!"

My Mommy read me my favorite book,
With the pictures I like the best.
When she fell asleep - on the last page,
I could tell she needed to rest.

So I walked, slowly, back to my room.
It seemed less crowded by now.
I was feeling a little better,
But not completely happy, somehow.

The baby was crying - as usual.
Gosh - couldn't he give me a break?
But would you believe - he stopped - and went, "Burp!"
When I gave his crib one little shake!

I looked at his tiny fingers.
I looked at his little feet.
The baby looked so funny.
Why do they say he's cute and sweet?

Then just as I flopped on my bed,
There came a strong knock on my door.
"Can I talk to you?" David asked,
"This is what bigger brothers are for!"

He sat down on the bed next to me.
It felt good to have him near.
"I know just how you feel" he said,
"And that's why I am here!"

"It really wasn't so long ago,
That the same thing happened to me.
A few years back, I was crying too,
All because of a new baby."

"I hated that baby.
Ooooooooooh - I hated him so.
Didn't want him around.
And I wished he would go."

"Really!" I said, "So, what happened?"
I felt happy at last.
"We have fun together now," he smiled,
"`Cause you grew up so fast!"