David was a happy boy,
But one thing made him sad.
He wanted to be BIG so much,
He started to get mad.

He yelled in a loud voice.
David thought he might get BIG,
If he made LOTS OF NOISE!

But that didn't seem to work.
His Mom called, "I need quiet!"
Then David got a new idea,
And off he went to try it.

"I'll get something to stand on,"
David did not shout.
"Something BIG," said David,
"Bet that could help me out!"

The very first thing that David found,
Was the box that held his toys.
Well, it was supposed to - but
David was like most boys!

His cars did not want to go in.
His trucks just wouldn't fit.
He liked his lego on the floor,
Lying near his doctor kit.

The toy box - it was empty.
The perfect place to climb.
He jumped on it - jumped up and down,
He was having a good time!

"Hey! Look at me! I'm BIG! I'm BIG!"
That was the last he said,
Before he tumbled off the box,
And bumped his red-mopped head.

But David wouldn't give up yet.
Not the David we now know!
He leaned over the staircase,
And called to those below:

"Hello down there! I must be BIG!
Because you two look small.
Hello there, Mom! Hi there, Estie!
This time I will not fall!"

And then he started shooting,
With his gun (really a broom),
His Mother said, "Enough of that.
Now go and sweep you room!"

Then David felt like he'd been shot!
That didn't sound like fun.
He didn't want to sweep his room.
"But...Mom....I got to run!"

See, David wasn't finished yet.
That boy is hard to stop.
He suddenly had a brand new plan -
Out of his head it popped.

"A tree!" He loved to climb trees.
And so he zooooooomed outside.
He'd climb waaaaaaaay up - and feel so BIG,
And also - he could hide.

"Wow! This is the best tree.
Right in my own backyard.
Can I get on that high branch up there?
It couldn't be that hard!"

"SSSSNNNNAP!" The branch was cracking.
-----"Whoops! Made a mistake!"
THUMP! He fell. "That didn't hurt!
But why did my branch have to break?"

David walked into the house,
Still rubbing his backside.
He had landed right SMACK on it.
Well, that was that. He'd tried.

David went up to his room,
And plopped down on his bed.
He had wanted to be BIG,
But just got hurt instead.

"Please, G‑d. Can You make me BIG?
Let me get BIGGER now.
Isn't there some way I could?
Can't You show me how?"

Just then David heard something.
He'd heard that sound a lot.
He wanted to ignore it.
But this time, he could not.

So he went and asked his sister,
"Why are you crying now?"
"I want to play outside," she sobbed,
"But Mommy won't allow."

"She said we're having dinner soon,
And now it is too late.
Mommy said, `Tomorrow.' But -
That's much too long to wait!"

His little sister cried and cried.
David knew what he should do.
He didn't feel like saying it,
But out came - "I'll play with you."

"You will? You will!" grinned Estie,
With tears still on her cheeks,
She looked at her brother and squealed,
"Let's play Hide-and-Seek!"

David didn't like to play with girls,
And for sure not a little sister,
But it felt kind of good to make her glad,
At least he hadn't had to kiss her!

That night when David went to bed,
After his busy day,
His mother came into his room.
She had something to say.

"David, you know, before dinner,
I saw what you had done.
You helped your sister very much.
You helped her to have fun."

"You may think that's something little,
But it really was not.
You made your sister happy.
That's a BIG mitzva you got!"

David didn't say a word,
But when she had gone out,
He lay in his bed, smiling,
Boy, did he want to shout!

Instead he whispered, "Thank you.
I feel BIG now, G‑d. It's true.
And now I know how we all get BIG.
We get BIG mitzvas to do!"