Port Washington, New York

Hi! Let me tell you a bit about Tzivos Hashem of Port Washington.

It’s about 17 miles from New York City, tucked away on the North Shore of Long Island, overlooking Manhasset Bay.

We have beautiful parks, historic neighborhoods, marinas, beaches, and lots of water everywhere.

In fact, it’s because of the water that we have our beautiful Tzivos Hashem Headquarters! You see, when Tzivos Hashem arrived here, there was a law that our property could only be purchased for waterfront activities.

Luckily, it was before Rosh Hashana and we needed to get to the water for ‘tashlich.’ That’s when we go to the water to ‘throw away our sins' and begin the new year right.

The ‘water law’ doesn’t exist any more, but it did its job.Tzivos Hashem is here to stay.

During the year there are lots of non-water activities too. Before Rosh Hashana there is a Shofar Factory workshop where we get to help make our own shofars from real goats’ horns.

At Chanukah,we learn how to make olive oil from real olives, and at least 500 people come to see the lighting of the giant Chanukah Menorah every night. It’s pretty cold sometimes, but it’s very exciting! Brrrr.

But if I had to tell you the main thing about Tzivos Hashem in Port Washington, it’s the fun we all have being together and learning about being Jewish.

Well, have a happy new year you guys.

Wherever you are, just remember, in Tzivos Hashem we’re all working together to bring Moshiach Now!