Rosh Hashana is almost here, and the children are busy checking off their “To-do” shopping list.

Do you see what they’ve got?

Apples and honey, challas and wine. A pomegranate and the head of a fish. And gorgeous flowers to decorate the house.

And don’t forget the good resolutions for the year to come.

Everyone’s so excited. They can’t wait to to hear the shofar blown on Rosh Hashana.

On Rosh Hashana the whole world stands in judgment before Hashem. People, nations, even the fish in the lakes tremble anxiously.

So why are these children so excited and happy? It’s because they know that just like Hashem is our King, He is also our Father. And they know He will surely bless us and our families with a good year of life and happiness.

And they can’t wait to hear the greatest shofar blast of all — that will announce to the world that Moshiach has come at last.

Good Yom Tov everyone! And a sweet new year!

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