Constantly Creating

Five thousand, seven hundred, and sixty-seven years ago1, G‑d created the world, the heavens and the earth and everything in them.

But He didn’t just do it that one time.

He continued creating everything all over again, every single moment. And He continues doing it even now.

A young person might ask, why must G‑d constantly create the world? Why isn’t it enough to have created it just one time?

Everyone would still know that He is the Creator. Adam was the first man. He understood. With his very first breath, he declared that G‑d is the Creator and King of the world! We would understand too.

So why must He keep on creating the world all the time?

The answer is that He wants us to realize how much He cares for us.

He never gets tired of creating and providing for us, and our parents, and all the people in the world, and the animals, plants, and even the stones and rocks.

Every second of the day G‑d gives new life to everything, helping everything to grow and flourish.

And He gives Jewish children new life and energy constantly so that they can advance in learning His Torah and doing His Mitzvos with love and sincerity, like a child who is so happy to do something for his father.

Yes, we should feel grateful. Even non-Jews know this. On every dollar bill printed in the United States, it is written, “In G‑d we trust.”

This means that the people in America have complete faith in G‑d, and believe that He has created the whole country and every good thing in it, along with the whole world.

Just as a king or president makes sure that his country is running properly, G‑d watches over the world, making sure that everything is as it should be.

Therefore at the beginning of each day, the first thing we say is‘Modeh Ani Lafanecha, I give thanks to You,’ to express our thanks to Hashem for renewing our life, and for all the good things He gives us.

And then, on Rosh Hashana, He blesses us with a new year of life, and good sweet things for the whole of the year to come.

from a talk to the children
of Tzivos Hashem, 17 Elul 5751