A Shpy always has to know how to deal with unexpected situations.

Which reminds me of the time that Feivel called to see if he could learn with me.

Ring! Ring!

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Feivel!” Feivel replied.

“Hi Feivel,” I shaid.“What’s up?”

“Listen, Shpy, I have some free time.How about if we learn some Torah?”

“I love to learn Torah, Feivel,” I shaid.“And I just bought a lot of new books. Can you come over?”

“I’ll be right there!” Feivel replied.

Before I could shay “Torah Tziva Lanu,” there was Feivel knocking on the door. Knock! Knock!

“Well, that was fasht,” I shaid.“I can shee that you really want to learn. Look here, Feivel,” I shaid, as we went into my Tzivos Hashem Room.“I just bought all these new books! Here’s one called Heroes of the Torah.”

“Good,” said Feivel.“I want to read about Dovid HaMelech, King David. He’s my hero!”

I switched on the reading lamp and opened the book. FLASH! Shuddenly a bright light hit my eyes.

“What was that?” Feivel exclaimed, blinking and rubbing his eyes.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“L-look at the page, Shpy. What happened to all the words?”

We gazed at the page. It had gone blank! I turned to the next page.There was nothing on it either. All the pages were blank!

“This is very shtrange, Feivel,” I exclaimed, picking up another book.“Let’s look at this. Shtories from Jerusalem.”

“That looks like a good book. I love stories,” shaid Feivel.

“Here, choose the shtory you like besht,” I shaid.

Feivel went to open the book, but as shoon as he turned the first page, it happened again! The shame blinding flash of light! Then, every page was blank!

“There musht be shomething wrong with the print,” I said. “We’ll have to take these books back to the shtore and exchange them.”

Sho Feivel and I packed up the books and went to the big famous bookstore in the mall, Burns and Ignoble. The shtore was roomy and comfortable.There was a coffee shop and a reading room with leather chairs and shoft lighting, and quiet music playing.“What a nice place to look at books!” Feivel said.

I went up to the counter.

“Excuse me,” I said.“I’d like to exchange these books. The print sheems to have dishappeared.”

“Certainly,” the salesman said. “Just go to the reading room and pick out the books you want.”

We ran quickly to the reading room. Feivel and I both found books we wanted to read, and sat down in the armchairs to look at them.

“These books sheem much better,” I shaid.“Let’s take them home.”

With our books in hand, Feivel and I returned home, and went up to my room. I turned on the lamp, and guess what? As shoon as Feivel opened his book to the first page… FLASH!

“Hey!” Feivel cried, covering his eyes.“That hurts!”

“Oh no, Feivel,” I cried. “Look! It happened again.The page is blank!”

“I can’t believe it! We were just reading these books in the store,” Feivel said.

“That’s it! Feivel, you figured it out!”

“I did? What, Shpy?”

“This is clearly the work of the YH! He doesn’t want us to learn Torah during the shummer, sho he’s printing books with dishappearing ink!”

“And Burns and Ignoble is selling them!” Feivel nodded.

“Come on,” I shaid.“We’d better go back there on the double.”

Quickly we raced back to the shtore and ran up to the reading room, and opened a book to the first page.“Just as I thought. Look who’s the publisher, Feivel.‘Papa YH’s Popular Printers.Where words fly off the page!’”

“Uhhhh... Shpy, uh ... I think we better go home ... uh ... This could be a trap!”

“It is a trap, Shpy! And you’ve fallen into it. Ha-Ha-Ha,” a creepy sounding voice laughed.

Feivel and I turned around.There was the YH blocking the door with the salesman from the counter. I looked for a way to escape. But YH Helpers’ heads popped up from behind every chair and table! We were trapped!

“YH, you no-goodnik!” I said. “You want to keep us from studying Torah, but you’re the one who hasn’t learned your lesson!”

The Shpy turned on the lamp, but as shoon as Feivel opened his book … FLASH!

“Oh yeah?” he said defiantly. “Take them away boys!”

Roughly, the YH Helpers pushed us down a hallway and out the back door of the building to a waiting truck.

It was pitch black inside, but ortunately I had a shecret-Shpy-watch-flashlight for such situations. I pressed the flashlight button, sho we could shee as we bounced around. Shuddenly, the truck stopped.

“Get out!” a voice barked.

Feivel and I were taken inside the building.

“Welcome to my show room!” the YH greeted us. I looked around.There were bookshelves and display cases everywhere, from the floor to the ceiling, each one packed with books. Like the reading room at Burns and Ignoble, it had shoft, dim lighting. YH Helpers were running around, shtocking the few empty shelves that were left.

“I’m impressed,” I said to the YH.

“You should be!” he answered.“I worked very hard to perfect my new invention.”

“Dishappearing ink?”

“Not just plain old disappearing ink,” the YH bragged.“Special ink. As long as the light is dim, the ink looks fine. But as soon as it’s exposed to normal light, Poof! In a flash, there’s no more ink! No more words! No more learning!”

“You can’t do this!” Feivel yelled.

“Oh no?” the YH said. “Are you going to stop me?”

“No! I am!” I yelled. “Feivel, shut your eyes, and shtart shaying the 12 Peshukim. There are different kinds of light, YH. Torah light is the mightiest of them all!”

Feivel closed his eyes tight, and I did the same. Together we shaid “Torah Tziva.” Then we shaid“Shema” with a lot of concentration, and I hit the light-up button on my Shpy watch.

Even with our eyes closed,we could shee the huge flash of light. KAPOOFFFFFF! The beam from my watch set off a chain reaction. KAPOOFFFFFF! The print exploding in one book was setting off the next. KAPOOFFFFFF! KAPOOFFFFFF!

All the bookshelves were blowing up. KABBOOM, KAPOOFFFFFF! KABOOOOOOOM!

YH Henchmen lurched about knocking into bookcases and display cases!

“Help! YH! Boss! We can’t see!” the henchmen cried.

BANG, CRASSHHH! A bookshelf fell.Then another! CRASH! BANG, CRASSHHH! The YH and his helpers were tripping and falling over the books and bookshelves.The YH tried to grab onto one, but it came tumbling down on top of him!

“Shpy! What did you do?” he cried. “OWWWW!”

“Run for it Feivel!” I cried.

“I’m right behind you, Shpy!”

We got out just as the biggest bookshelf of all came crashing down, burying the YH and all his men!

Like I always say, 12 Peshukim a day keeps the YH away!

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