Everyone loves the summer! The fresh air, the sun and sky, the smell of the trees, the fresh cut grass, and the flowers.

In the summer there’s time to run and swim and play, without the pressure of school, and homework and tests.

There’s time to learn as well. The
young children are learning how to read and how to pray.

When they grow up they will know that Aleph-Bais isn’t just for kids. Aleph is for ‘Anochi,’ the first letter of the Ten Commandments, and Bais is for Beraishis, the first letter of the whole Torah!

Aleph is also for ‘Emunah,’ which means ‘belief’ and Bais is for ‘Bitochen,’ which is our confidence that ‘the time for our redemption has arrived,’ and very very soon, any minute now, Moshiach is going to
come and take us out of golus (exile)!

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