This is Mirele Deitsch, from Chandler Arizona. She is a Mitzvah Champion.

Doing acts of kindness is an important part of Mirele’s daily life. One her favorite activities is to make Get Well Cards for people who are not feeling well.

Just down the block lives an elderly lady that Mirele kind of adopted. She calls her Bubby Betty.Often Mirele goes to visit Bubby Betty after school.

Every Shabbos, Mirele walks to shul with her father and tells him all about the parsha of the week. She also leads a Shabbos party at home, teaching the younger kids how to say the 12 Pesukim, reading them stories, and singing songs. Other kids like to come to Mirele’s Shabbos parties too.

What a lot of Mitzvos you do, Mirele.No wonder you are a General in Tzivos Hashem.

You are a real Mitzvah Champ!