Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas and the Avila Mountain
The Angel Falls, the highest in the world
A Purim angel, the happiest girl of all
Hiking on the Avila mountain
A Tzivos Hashem outing at the amusement park
Painting a Menorah for Chanukah
Painting challot with eggs for Shabbat

Hola ! ¿Cómo estás?

That means “Hi! How are you?” in Spanish, the language we speak in Caracas, Venezuela!

Venezuela is a very beautiful place. Caracas, the capital is a very large city,
almost half the size of New York. Rising behind the city is the Avila Mountain, which is more than a mile high. And on the other side of Caracas, just half an hour away, is the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Tzivos Hashem in Caracas is very important to all of us. Before every holiday, there are big rallies, and hundreds of children come. We do all the interesting Jewish workshops, like making olive oil for Chanukah, baking Matzot for Pesach, and challot for Shabbat. Before Rosh Hashana we made shofars. And before Shavuot we learned how to make a quill pen and parchment (klaf), like for a Sefer Torah. We even got to write a letter by ourselves!

The summer time is especially fun, because we get to go on lots of hikes and outings in the many big and beautiful parks in Caracas.

Many people who come to Venezuela want to see the incredible Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. They are so high that it looks like the water is coming from Heaven.

We learned in Tzivos Hashem that this is like Torah which really does come from Heaven, like water that comes from a high place to a low place, all the way down to us on earth, for us to learn it and do its holy Mitzvot.

Well, bye now. Adiós. Have a happy summer, from Tzivos Hashem of Caracas, Venezuela.