Hi! This month we have a very special Field Report, from Tzivos Hashem Headquarters right here in Brooklyn.

It's called "Exodus," that's right, it's a special kosher for Pesach production that Tzivos Hashem has put on, not just to teach about how the Jews went out of Egypt, but to let kids actually live through it.

The show begins with the participants putting on special cloaks and climbing into an eerie "Time Machine" for the journey back 3,322 years to ancient Egypt.

Upon "arrival" visitors meet Moshe Rabeinu, and go withhim to the palace of King Pharaoh, who rants and raves and refuses to let the people go.

Then come the Ten Plagues, some scary,some comical, with wild animals roaring, and frogs dropping from the ceiling, until finally the first-born are killed, and Pharaoh chases the Jews out of the land.

The children then follow Moshe to the Sea of Reeds, and he leads them through the water as the sea splits. Then together they cross the desert, and gather at the foot of Mount Sinai, as Moshe goes up to receive the Ten Commandments.

Finally, everyone returns to the present and just like the Jews of old, they go to bake Matzah in the ModelMatzah Bakery.

By the time it's over, young and old are all ready to celebrate Pesach.

So you have a happy holiday too, and let's hope that the Exodus we celebrate this year should be our own!