The Seder is more than half way through. The meal is over. The third cup of wine is filled, and the big goblet too, the one for our very special guest, Eliyahu HaNovi (Elijah the Prophet).

The children take a candle and go to the door to let him in.

Will we really see him this year when he comes, and takes a sip of the wine?

Will he bring the long awaited news that Moshiach is really here at last, that he has come to take us out of our exile, like Moshe took the Jews out of Egypt so long ago?

It's a special moment. The world is hushed. The door is open. And so are all the doors, up to the highest heavens. Hashem is listening, as we cry out,

"Hashem, Hashem! Enough is enough! We Want Moshiach Now!"

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