Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

We earned our Aleph Champs yellow shirts.
I’m an ‘orange shirt’ Aleph Champ
Telling the story of Chanukah at the Jewish Senior Center
A kosher marshmallow roast on Lag B’Omer reminds Rachel Linder of the fire that burns in every Jewish heart.
On Lag B’Omer we went out to the park for
a picnic. We learned about Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and made kites to fly. The Rabbi called them Yiddishkites.

Hi! This is Tzivos Hashem of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, reporting.

Clarks Summit is a very nice place in the hilly coal country of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Tzivos Hashem here runs out of the Jewish Discovery Center. They make Jewish things so much fun! Let me tell you about it.

See that big Aleph on my shirt? That means I’m an Aleph Champ. Each color stands for a different reading level in Hebrew. When I started out, I didn’t know what an Aleph was. Now I’m already an orange shirt, and I hope to be a green Aleph Champ by the end of the year!

Every week we we go to the Mitzvah Factory program. We do sequin art, and I made a challah board with mosaic tiles!

We do lots of other exciting crafts projects too, like when we drilled a real shofar horn before Rosh Hashana, or when we baked Matzah by hand before Pesach, or made parchment like for a real Torah before Shavuos.

With Chanukah coming up, we have the olive pressing workshop. We actually press olive oil out of real olives! And then we make a GORGEOUS Menorah out of wood, without even hammering a single nail! We put the pieces together all by ourselves, and then paint the Menorah with shellac. By Chanukah it’s all ready for use.

Well, that’s about all for now. So long, and you be sure to have a happy Chanukah, from Tzivos Hashem of Clarks Summit.

Making challah boards and Menorahs, makes it all so real!
Making challah boards and Menorahs, makes it all so real!