Standing Up to the Yetzer Hora

In the days of Matisyahu, the wicked Greek empire wanted to make the Jewish people forget Hashem’s Torah, and prevent them from doing His Mitzvos.

The Greek nation were very strong and had many troops and weapons. Matsiyahu and his sons were few and weak.

But they were not afraid. They called out to the Jews, “whoever believes in Hashem, join with us!” They knew that no strength in the world can compare with the strength of Hashem.

And because of their courage and trust in Hashem, they were victorious. They won a great victory and saved the Jewish people from their enemies.

Today too, Jewish people are “weak” and “few” in number compared to all the other nations of the world. Nevertheless, Jewish children have nothing to fear, for spiritually we are very strong.

Every Jewish child has within him a neshama, a G‑dly soul, which is a part of Hashem Himself.

Just as Hashem rules the world, so too, when a Jewish child holds on to Torah and Mitzvos with all his might, his neshama shines forth with great strength. Hashem makes him a leader, and puts him in charge of all the people around him.

He sets an example for others teaching them to behave in a good and honest way, as all children must.

Nowadays, our enemies are not Greeks who want to make us forget about learning Torah and doing Mitzvos. We must do battle with the Yetzer Hara (the Evil Inclination) instead.

The Yetzer Hara comes to a Jewish child and says, “If other kids aren’t learning Torah, if other kids don’t worry about whether a candy is kosher or not, why should you? Just go play like all the others.”

Moussia and Mendel Kleyman of Buffalo, NY, on the first night of Chanukah,
listening to the story that the candles tell

These temptations may seem very strong to a Jewish boy or girl. But when he stands up to them, Hashem comes to his aid and saves him with great miracles, just as in the days of Chanukah long ago.

Then the child feels great

happiness and confidence, knowing that he stood up to the Yetzer Hara like Matisyahu and his children stood up to the Greeks. And he feels his neshama, the candle of Hashem, shining brightly within him, because of the light of Torah and its Mitzvos.

And this is an important preparation for the time in the near future when Moshiach will come, and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Kohen Gadol will again light the

Menorah in the third Beis HaMikdosh, may it be speedily Now!

Based on a sicha to the children of Tzivos Hashem, Chanukah, 5738