It's Chanukah! The Festival of Light.

And here we are in the town center, with all the important people, lighting a giant Menorah to remind everyone of all the miracles Hashem did for us in days of old, and that He still does for us now, every single day!

Every night another candle is lit. The Menorah gets brighter and brighter, until finally on the eighth night, the whole Menorah is ablaze.

Wouldn’t you be proud to be a Maccabee! Despite their numbers, they were not afraid to stand up against the mighty Greek army for G‑d and for His Torah! We can be like them! We can also stand up against our enemy, the Yetzer Hora. And when we do, we will surely succeed and win.

So let’s take our Menorahs and our dreidels, and our pushkas, and our 12 Pesukim books, and get ready to greet Moshiach, because he is going to come and take us all out of exile very very soon!


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In honor of the Rebbe
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