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Contemporary Kabbalists

Penetrating insights from leading Kabbalists & mystics of our times

The Tree That Tastes Like Its Fruit - Part 1
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both.
The Tree That Tastes Like Its Fruit - Part 2
Trees, like man, can be 'givers' or 'receivers' or both.
Supernal Fields and Orchards
Fruits and wheat: the upper and lower worlds - preparing for ultimate perfection
Holy Pleasure: The <i>Tikun</i> of Eating
Tu B’Shevat & the Four Levels of Eating
When we eat properly, we can taste the Divine Presence whether the physical taste is pleasing or not.
Environmental Sensitivity
Every leaf of a tree was created by G-d for some predesigned purpose.
A Land of Wheat…and Date Honey
The greater the efforts we expend in attaining, sustaining, and promulgating Divine consciousness, the deeper we dig into the core of our souls.
Peels, Seeds and Fruit
Every project a man begins requires him to first invest in his endeavor, even though he sees no immediate result.
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