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Ascent Lights

Contemporary Illuminations from Ascent-of-Safed's director - Rabbi Shaul Leiter - & other staff & guest teachers

Great Steps for Mankind
Why was the sanctification of the moon the first commandment to the Jewish Nation?
Understanding the Jewish Leap Year: Maintaining the Cosmic Balance
Adar: the month especially "pregnant" with meaning.
The Original New Moon
In the month of Nisan, both in nature and in the soul, new life force and potential is about to manifest.
Miracles Month
In all other such miracles, our enemies were killed by G-d; here, our enemies killed each other.
Liberation Talk
By the end of Nissan we should be living in a redemptive state of mind.
This Month's for You!
For the Tabernacle, we were encouraged contribute to our heart's desire.
It is befitting that we look back over last year and laugh at ourselves a bit.
Planting any tree in Adar makes it destined for success; planting the tree called Adar anytime helps to have success in all endeavors.
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