Patrick is a very interesting person. He has lived in many places. Among them: New York, Switzerland and the Irish coast. In the course of his life, he has had some unique Jewish experiences—including being a close personal friend of a very kind Chassidic rebbe. Over the past few years, he has had the pleasure of having the roving rabbis over for a nice chat every summer. He fondly recalls how one year the boys brought out some MSG-laden instant soups and they shared a kosher meal together.

As a spiritually sensitive Jew, Patrick often prays to G‑d wrapped up in his tallit and tefillin. But sometimes he does not.

One recent morning, Patrick spoke to G‑d and told Him that he wanted a sign from Him that he should begin being more consistent about praying every morning. He then went to get his tallit and tefillin and began to prepare for his morning prayers.

At that very moment, we sat down to schedule our appointments for the day. We decided to call Patrick first. His phone began jingling the second that he removed his tefillin from his head.

And he got his sign.