Wednesday, July 16th I arrived in Rio, joining my partner who had already arrived the night before. We spent the day resting up and putting together a plan of action.

Thursday, July 17th was our first day at work so we got to work in Leblon, a beautiful town near Rio De Janeiro, going down the main street from store to store, and to some offices too, looking for Jews.

As we were walking down the street, a passer by said Mazal Tov to us, so we asked him if he was Jewish, to which he replied no but that his mother is. We informed him that if his mother is Jewish, so is he.

We then proceeded to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah right there in the middle of the street and gave him Shabbat candles for his mother.

That evening we went to the Copacabana neighborhood to do some home visits. We spent a couple of hours talking to one family and an hour with another person.

And that was our first day on the job...