Hey everyone,

We've just landed in Athens, Greece, after a long tumultuous flight, including a stopover in Munich, during which we whipped out our Tefillin and prayed Shacharit in the airport terminal. It felt kind of odd davening in the Munich, the former capitol of the Nazi party, creepy and victorious all at once.

We were greeted in Athens by Rabbi Mendel Hendel, Chabad-Lubavitch representative to Greece. He briefed us on the situation of the tiny Jewish communities scattered throughout Greece. Together, we mapped out a very ambitious plan to reach out to as many communities as humanly possible. Our itinerary so far includes twelve (!) cities, visiting just about every breathing Jewish Greek. If a city has even one Jewish person whom we can meet, the trek will be well worth it!

Today, we started out by gathering all of the necessary supplies for our trip. We went to pick up our rented car, whose mileage dial will be pushed up to the tune of a few thousand kilometers. And let me tell you, if you think that New Yorkers are crazy drivers, you ain't never seen a Greek behind the wheel!

Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, we set out on a 500 km trip to a Jewish camp somewhere up north. It will be a great opportunity to get to know many of the Jewish youth from all over Greece. I hope they will be as happy to see us as we will be to see them…

That's all for now folks,

Chesky Klein and Avremi Gitler