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Write to an IDF Soldier

Write to an IDF Soldier

Connect with the Soldiers in the Holy Land


Support the IDF troops by writing them a letter and dedicating a mitzvah in their honor. Plus: Upload an image of yourself performing that mitzvah!

Here's what you can do:

  1. Pick a mitzvah from the list below.
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing that mitzvah. (Note: If you choose to light Shabbat candles, a picture should be taken only before the designated time for lighting in your city. Also, please make sure that someone who didn't light yet photographs you.)
  3. Write your letter, upload your image, and . . .
  4. A soldier will receive your heartwarming message!
Your email address will be included with your letter.

Attach Photo: (optional)

Personalize your letter with your photo, to be included with your letter.

Do A Mitzvah: (optional)

Do a mitzvah for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Israel.

My Letter:

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Chabad's Terror Victims Project
A delegation of Chabad's Terror Victims Project representatives will personally deliver your letters to the front lines.