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Kohen: priest, descendant of Aaron, responsible for the service in the Holy Temple
Throughout the centuries, Jews identified themselves as kohanim simply because their fathers were kohanim. But are these tribal affiliations just a matter of folklore and tradition? Can such claims actually be proven?
"אמר אל הכהנים בני אהרן ואמרת אלהם" “Say to the Kohanim, the sons of Aharon and tell them.” (21:1) QUESTION: The redundancy of the pasuk including both “emor” — “say” — and “ve’amarta” — “and tell” — teaches us that the elders should educate the minors to...
Practical Parshah - Emor
Various added restrictions, responsibilities and honors that apply to the patrilineal descendants of Aaron even in our days.
Question: I am in a debate regarding Kohens and Levites. My friend says that Kohens are descended from Levites. I say that the three "levels" are Kohens, Levites and Israelites. Who is correct? Answer: You are both right. Kohanim (that's plural for Kohen)...
Several takes on the inner dimension of the blessings of the priests
The soul of the kohen stems from the divine attribute of “abundant kindness.” In the mystical works this attribute is compared to a powerful river whose waters cannot be stemmed.
Question: Why do the Cohanim cover themselves and their hands when they do the priestly blessing? Why do the people cover themselves in their talitot? Answer: The Cohanim are meant to concentrate on blessing the congregation, and the congregation should c...
Generation after generation of Jewish women were faithful to their husbands and their tradition. What a proud record of fidelity. Geneticists describe these results as "the highest record of paternity-certainty ever recorded"!
Who are you? "I'm a lawyer." "I'm a motor mechanic." "I'm a rabbi." "I'm a sanitation engineer." Is this who you are, or what you do? In modern day society, there has been a turn away from defining a person by his profession. True, some vocations enjoy gr...
What makes a Kohen a Kohen, and a deeper look at clothes, that “make a man”.
In the Parsha of Tetzaveh we read how the Priests ("Kohanim") were consecrated to serve in the Sanctuary. The Priests were selected by G-d to fill a sacred position, requiring them to be on a higher level of holiness than the rest of the people. But over ...
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