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Forbidden Marriages

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Parshat Acharei
This article explores the Torah’s rules regarding whom one may and may not marry.
Practical Parshah - Acharei
In this portion that lists all of the many forbidden relationships, we examine how Torah expects us as Jews to conduct ourselves in the most private and holy aspect of our lives.
A woman wanted to marry a Kohen, but the marriage was prohibited by Torah. We looked for a loophole, but there was none. After explaining all this to her, I continued (name changed to protect privacy): Since, besides being a rabbi that answers question, I...
The laws of forbidden relationships
Chp. 17 verses 13 - 16 Chp. 17 verses 1 - 3: The chapter ends with the laws of covering the blood and the prohibition of eating the blood. Also the prohibition of eating an animal that died by itself or by being torn by wild animals. Chp. 18 begins the la...
Contemporary Halachah and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
I have been in irregular contact with a Jewish man for a few years now. He calls me once in a while to chat, and we’ve met a few times in person. I have to say, of all the people I have ever counseled, it is probably his situation that disturbs me the mos...
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