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Korech: (lit. "wrap" and "make a sandwich") the tenth step of the Passover seder--to eat matzah and maror combined in a sandwich.
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Why do we first eat matzah on its own, followed by plain maror and only then the matzah-maror sandwich? Isn't that a bit like sampling bread and peanut butter separately and only then putting them together?
Korech: “It’s A Wrap”
This class presents important clarification of the Halachik basis and raison d'être of our proverbial Matzah and Marror wrap. Naturally, once the rhyme and reason are clearly established, a solid grasp of the legal intricacies that govern this unique Sede...
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
Many have the custom of using both horseradish and romaine lettuce to fulfill the obligation to consume maror (bitter herbs) on Passover night. The sages of the Mishna Pesachim 39a. list five vegetables which may be used for maror. Unfortunately, it is di...
BodyBreak off two pieces from the bottom matzah. (You'll need one oz. of matzah altogether. Supplement with matzah from the box if needed.) Now you know what the third matzah is for! If you’ve followed instructions until now, it should still be whole. Tak...
Then there are those elements that are as qualified a building material as raw clay: our selfish and animalistic instincts, and a material world that obscures the truth of its Creator...
When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, the highlight of the Passover celebration was eating the Passover sandwich, which consisted of matzah, the meat of the Paschal offering, and bitter herbs. Once the Temple was destroyed and we were no longer able to...
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 1
This Talmudic offering on traces the Signature Jewish-Sandwich back to its bitter roots! See why the proverbial Hillel innovation of eating the Maror (bitter herbs) together with the Matzoh (bread of affliction) gives us a strange and unique legal challen...
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