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A Jew belongs within a Jewish community. There are no application forms and no qualification requirements. He's Jewish—that's where he belongs. Period.
Question: I am active in a Jewish student's organization at my college. Lately, several of my fellow students are dealing with whether or not to even remain Jewish because they are homosexuals and feel very rejected by the Jewish faith. I was wondering wh...
Do you think I am naïve for believing that secular jurists will issue a legal decision on a purely religious matter? Think again. This past Thursday, the California Supreme Court did just that...
Beyond the usual platitudes, why is the family so important in Judaism?
My aim here is not to engage directly in arguments about the Torah's view of homosexuality, or feminism, or the problems of singles in the Jewish community. Rather, these questions have raised for me a deeper, underlying question: Beyond the usual platitu...
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Nine, Section 3
Kabbalah explains intra-soul gender dynamics
"Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Nine, Section 2
Kabbalah, homosexuality, reincarnation, and trans-gender soul travels
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