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Middle Age

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Now that the decks are clearer and the obstacles fewer, do we have the self confidence and courage to move forward and concretize those aspirations? Do we have the guts to zero in on the objectives and work toward their achievement?
Hitting Middle Age
But nothing could stop my body from progressing on its natural path of womanhood – nothing. After crying for two days straight, I realized I was in perimenopause...
You've begun to accept the status quo, the easy path—the one with less resistance. You have stopped tackling new undertakings. You've just entered into your complacent adulthood...
Some men hit middle age and buy a sports car. I bought pants
We live in a society that worships youth. People in their 50s and 60s (and sometimes even 40s) often find it hard to find employment, with hiring often biased towards younger workers. However, if you think about it logically, ageism as an economic policy ...
An illuminating look at the Regenburg Pentateuch from 14th century Germany, housed in the Israel museum, Jerusalem, Israel.
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