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It can be sobering to periodically take stock of my goals and see how much I have actually done. While such self-appraisal is a noble and effective aspect of any plan, unfortunately, it can also easily lead to regrets and recriminations, which in turn can...
Sefirat HaOmer, Part I
We complain about not having the time or headspace to really tackle what matters most. But that’s a ruse. Deep down, avoiding our key tasks cuts us the psychic slack of being able to tell ourselves that we haven’t yet undertaken the mission, so there’s st...
Two things happened this past week. One of them made national headlines, the other, for reason that aren't clear, didn't. I have a feeling, though, that the events are related.
If only I could be locked away in a cell with no distractions and no excuses, can you imagine how much I would accomplish?
It's my choice to pick a little discomfort now, in order to heal, recover, and live a happy, healthy, sane and useful life. Hands down, the choice seems much easier when put that way. It even feels quite good to make the right choices now.
There are times when I feel exactly like I'm back in the winter of fifth grade, facing a mountain of homework which I CANNOT do. So I resort to fifth-grade behavior. I procrastinate.
Isn't all this "investment in the project" getting out of hand? Isn't it time you relinquished your perfectionism and allowed yourself the enjoyment of the fruits of your creation?
The Hebrew word for almond is etymologically related to the word “shaked,” which means “quick.”
How to overcome the pitfalls of delaying and missing opportunities to pursue your dreams.
It is so easy to push off what we need to do until tomorrow. After all, what is one more day? But a year from now, we will be so happy we made that change today...
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