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Ashi, Rabbi

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Ashi, Rabbi: (352-427) Talmudic sage, at the age of 20 he assumed leadership of the academy in Sura, a position he held until his passing, 52 years later. Rav Ashi completely renovated the academy's building and restored its scholastic prominence. Rav Ashi and his academy began the work of compiling the Talmud.
(circa 4098-4187)
Our Sages used to say: "Ere the sun set upon one great Sage, the sun rose upon another." Thus they said also in the following case: "Ere the sun set upon Rava (when he passed away), the sun rose upon Rav Ashi (on his birth)." In other words: Before Rava d...
475 CE
In the first decades of the 5th century, Rav Ashi (d. 427) and Ravina I (d. 421) led a group of the Amoraim (Talmudic sages) in the massive undertaking of compiling the Babylonian Talmud -- collecting and editing the discussions, debates and rulings of hu...
A process of fragmentation had begun, whereby great scholars established academies of their own.
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