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GPS (Global Positioning System)

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Your GPS may be useful, but it's not always too smart. Your body is much the same. For the smoothest journey through life, try a sweet combination of body and mind.
What's so special about being special, anyway? I mean, if I just listened to my GPS, life would be perfect
Do I detect a hint of snobbery in the polite lady's automated voice as she patiently informs me that she is "recalculating" (yes, I'm not even good at following spoon-fed instructions)? Perhaps she's really thinking to herself, "You poor idiot..."
How to get your husband to follow instructions and even ask (!) for directions - in four easy steps
What the GPS taught me
What the GPS taught me
Ethics 6:2
And the voice called to me from heaven. "Dovi," it said, in an oddly mechanical tone, "just where do you think you're going? Get back on the Hutchinson River Parkway right away!"
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