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Computer, The

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I am all for teaching a lesson that leaves a lasting impression and shows the child that there are consequences for irresponsible behavior. But that lesson should be one that comes from love, and ultimately teaches the child how to love . . .
When Steve Jobs gave his commencement speech at Stanford University, his topic was “How to Live Before You Die.” Since most of us have no idea how much time we have left on this earth, we live as if it is endless. Steve Jobs wasn’t so fortunate. His time,...
iTechnology and a better world
The world has its destiny, produced and directed by the Master of all destiny. A destiny in which Steve Jobs played a principal role.
What your computer's buttons can teach you about yourself
Many understand repentance, Teshuvah, as a radical change in one's behavior or an importation of something foreign--to "Copy and Paste."
You have infinite potential at your disposal, just log in...
My head was spinning, reeling from hours of exerted concentration. We were a few hours into yet another knotty computer training session, necessary for my work here at This time it was my editor (and boss) at our headquarters in Brooklyn who w...
"Where are there computers in the Torah?" Without hesitation the Rebbe answered, "Tefillin." The professor was perplexed
You can use it before you know how it works
A computer does not perform any functions that a person could not accomplish by himself. However, it can calculate in a matter of seconds what would ordinarily require weeks, months or even years for a person to do. Because the process of arriving at thes...
Can Humanoids Be Jewish?
The concept of man-made men (golems), and the question of their humanness (or lack thereof) has been discussed since Talmudic times.
In the early 70’s, a group of professors visited the Rebbe and asked for his opinion about two [different] views regarding computers. One maintained that the computer stimulates the brain and encourages growth and development, while the other viewed the c...
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