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Contrition; Apology

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One does not decide what happens to him; one decides what he wants to do with what happens to him...
There are many parents who present themselves to their kids as if perfect. Such parents never apologize for anything because, in their opinion, they are never wrong. At the same time, they may be very hard on their children...
Ever wonder what if Adam would have responded differently after he ate the forbidden fruit?
When not to say “I’m Sorry”
The road to reconciliation was closed and despite calls, a letter, more calls, going over there…well, other than a hello, or a sentence about nothing squeezed out of air, that was the last we spoke to each other...
Why remain in a bitter tug of war that is straining your relationship and distancing you further, when an apology could easily make things right? Because the hardest words to utter are "I'm sorry, I made a mistake."
Chana Question: My father-in-law passed away recently. I knew him for many years, during which time I disliked him and was critical and unhelpful to him. Now I understand what he was going through, how wrong I was to be judgmental, and that I should have ...
"If you are lost in a forest," a chassidic master once asked his disciples, "are you better off being lost while walking or while riding on a horse?"
Robbing is akin to slaying someone, but if the aggressor has remorse we let him off the hook!?
From Shame to Connection
Healthy shame is quite wonderful because when used properly, its vulnerability and humility can lead to closeness.
When a couple couldn't procreate, they went to their Maggid, who gave them a unique mission.
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