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Laughter; Humor; Jokes

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Laughter has the power to unify opposites
Pt. 2: the mystical connection between laughter and redemption
From the corner of my eye, I noticed the "Snapple Fact" printed beneath the bottle's cap, and for a reason I'm still unsure of, I took a moment to read the following piece of trivia...
The Russels: A marriage of show biz, diapers and chicken soup
Reuven and Esther Rachel Russell are happy cliché busters. Successful actors and comedians, they are busy building more than dynamic careers; they are building a "home in Israel"—living a full Jewish life and raising an active brood of five.
When the great sage Rabbah lectured in Talmudic law he would always begin with a joke. But why? After all, his students were dedicated scholars ready to receive his teachings with full concentration...
To laugh in the face of fear can be a powerful statement of defiance
Insights into the month of laughter
First the elephant's trunk is threaded through the eyelet, then his head, followed by his entire huge body. Imagine dreaming such a dream!
"Hello," she said in that barely even tone that mothers resort to when their children are reveling in the beginning of summer vacation...
A Good Joke is more than a Laughing Matter
Is Judaism somber? Are Rabbis stern? This revealing lecture shatters old myths and uncovers the mystical powers found only in levity. Discover why comedy has always been an integral part of Torah tradition. Because clowning around can be serious business…
My wife has no sense of humor. She says I make fun of her in public, and gets all upset and insulted. Shouldn't she be able to take a joke?
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