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If Moses would have crossed the Jordan, that would have been the end: the end of the struggle, the end of history . . .
Coming to Terms with Getting Older
Aging is happening even as I type these words. I am ever so slowly, and sometimes more quickly, evolving into the “older” generation. These words, in print, sicken me. I am sixteen on the inside of my brain, but the rest of my body is screaming otherwise!
One of the promises regarding the Messianic Redemption concerns the Torah we will then study: "A new Torah will emit from Me." In fact, "The Torah which we study in this world is naught in comparison to the Torah of Moshiach"!
As a marriage therapist, I advise clients to take the time to actively engage in positive daydreams about their marriage. Create positive visual images has a tremendous affect.
Without a doubt, we have experienced tremendous hardship and pain throughout our history—more so, perhaps, than other nations. But Jewish history is anything but tragic . . .
Flashing with light, full of feeling and emotion, always moving, incredibly sensitive, the eyes are our windows to the world around us. With our senses of hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling - we make contact with the world. But seeing is captain of t...
At first it feels strange, but within 20 minutes, patients learn to completely substitute the flesh stimulation for eyesigh, and the visual cortex of the brain is harnessed to process these tactile sensations...
"Blessing" is a very important word. So is "Curse", "You" and "Today". But the most important word in the sentence is the three-letter verb that opens the parshah: "See"
You should be careful to hear kiddush and havdalah – it helps to keep the eyes healthy. May G-d help you see many good things with both eyes, and in an ever–increasing manner. You’re spreading the light of Torah, so you need healthy eyes. Why lose somethi...
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