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On making a unique bracha on water
There’s no need to elaborate on how important and precious the element of liquid is for our life. So why no special blessing?
Which is it-- "O all who thirst, come for water" or "My words aret like fire"? Obviously, we much prefer to consume our studies than to be consumed by them...
As the floodwaters recede, Chabad helps students and community members return to normal.
A July 18 storm destroyed the Beth Shalom Chabad synagogue in Minneola, N.Y. Its rabbi Resolves to rebuild and improve.
For campers at the Chabad-Lubavitch Camp Gan Israel on South Padre Island, learning about Judaism during sixteen action-packed days on the island was even more meaningful than the bountiful water sports. The camp welcomed kids from across the dry expanse ...
At the call of the dawn, two priests sounded their trumpets and began to descend the fifteen steps that led down from the Men’s Courtyard to the Women’s Courtyard . . .
Do you ever get the feeling that you are but an infinitesimal speck, swallowed by the vastness of the universe and beyond? That cosmic forces arrayed along your path lead you to a destiny greater than your imagination? That life as you know it barely scra...
One day, Sara tried a different approach. "Honey," she said to her husband. "I know you this isn't the way you see it. But please, do it just for me!"
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