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Daat (Knowledge; Awareness; Connection)

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Daat (Knowledge; Awareness; Connection): (lit. "knowledge"); the third of the ten sefirot, or divine emanations; the third stage of the intellectual process at which concepts, having proceeded from seminal intuition (Chochmah) through meditative gestation (Binah), now mature into their corresponding dispositions or attributes of character (middot)
"How can this have happened? How can there be wisdom without compassion?"
"How can this have happened? How can there be wisdom without compassion?"
…among other things, I keep on asking myself, “Why did I have to go through all that?” I wasted the first 30 years of my life learning destructive habits
Why would G‑d back up the false prophet by validating his prediction? Why would G‑d reward an immoral person with success? It makes us doubt the validity of our own moral compass.
How many times we do knowingly eat things that are "unhelpful" to our health? How often do we pursue a pleasure, even though we "know" we'll regret it later?
Chabad is an acronym for chochmah, binah and daat, which are commonly translated as wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Learn the mystical meaning of these three intellectual soul powers.
"Differentiation" is a double paradox -- and the essence of holiness
Okay, so I yelled a little too loudly when I yelled at my daughter. Okay, so maybe she didn’t deserve as much of my anger as I let out. But, she did deserve some of it, didn’t she? I mean, could I just let it pass? Not say anything? Who would she become, ...
The Knowing I
Why do we become a bar mitzvah at adolescence? Because something dramatic happens to our minds at this time: A sort of awakening, a consciousness, a realization that "I exist"
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Having identified Da’at (knowledge, attitude or enlightened perspective) and The Mikdash (Jerusalem’s Holy Temple) as outstandingly unique by virtue of “character framing by divine design” in scriptural cadence, we learn that such attitude can be as impac...
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