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A rooster crows at the beginning of each day, some time before it gets light. When it senses that dawn will break soon, and light is on the way to substitute the darkness, he emits the crowing noise...
A Kabbalistic Study on Male and Female Energies
First tries are usually chaotic. Yet the Torah offers us different methods of capturing the chaotic energies of beginnings and turning them into productive and stable states that can be used over and over again.
Personally, I could fare all right without a genius in my life. Same with the statesman, rock star or superhero -- even without the psychologist. But one thing we all need is meaning. To know what it's all about
Become very aware of this circuit -- wax, wick, flame, and light. Internalize this sequence into your life: wisdom, body, consciousness, and enlightenment
Mishnah 5:7 “Seven qualities that bring us to the acquisition of truth…” The layout of the Mishnah teaches us that framing things in the positive is better than focusing on what is wrong. It then continues to teach us a progression of seven ideas that hel...
On the question asked by wisdom itself
Wisdom, it turns out, is prototyped not by its answer, but by its question. But what is the question that wisdom never ceases to ask?
Something was strange about the scene. Who was he, and what connection could he possibly have with this place?
King Solomon was the third king of Israel, who ruled Israel for 40 years and, while ushering peace and properity in his era, built the First Holy Temple.
Divine wisdom allows us to ascend above the earthly.
Divine wisdom allows us to ascend above the earthly
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