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There’s a third way to get to G-d
Meaningful experiences are a compromise. Transcendental ones leave you in the dust. There’s a third way to get to G‑d, the one you would least expect.
Galut seems an impossible reality: impossible to comprehend, and impossible to overcome
The Tiger, the Elephant, and the Kabbalah of Transformation
Are you you smart, stupid, graceful, clumsy, bold, wimpy, articulate, shy? Whatever your answers, they will limit and define you as certainly as if they were a cage made out of concrete and steel
According to the ancient mystics, all actions of man -- indeed all workings of creation -- derive from two general forces: love and awe. More specifically, there is "lower awe", "lower love", "higher love", and "higher awe" -- in that order
We "raise" our children, "climb" the ladders of our careers, "rise" to life's occasions, think "highly" of people we admire, "aspire" to high ideals, regard "heaven" as representative of all that is good and "lofty". Why all this uppity talk?
There are 50 Gates of Understanding. Then there is Purim.
What lies behind the tendency of humans to splurge, flaunt and luxuriate in their wealth?
A myth debunked
Are thing supposed to be the way things are, or are things supposed to be the way things are supposed to be?
Reclaim your inner child and reach beyond the labels.
Reclaim your inner child. Open your eyes of innocence. See the miraculous in the mundane; the extraordinary in the ordinary. Life is joyously wonderful when you gift yourself the presence of G-d.
A Chassidic reading of a Talmudic passage provides models for self transcendence
Two discourses by the seventh Rebbe of Chabad build on earlier teachings of the sixth Rebbe, to discover novel insight in a Talmudic passage, applying it to questions of rationalism, contemplative prayer, and eros.
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