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Hacking; Hackers

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We need to learn from the hackers. Especially the criminal ones—and plenty of the most nefarious, criminal acts today are hacks.
Two things happened this past week. One of them made national headlines, the other, for reason that aren't clear, didn't. I have a feeling, though, that the events are related.
A simple answer to an old question.
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
In which I ponder the question, "what is a soul?"; hack into a celestial tech-support chat room and talk with an angel; turns out that the spiritual being is just as mystified about "what is a body?"...
The day the Internet went mad
If artificial intelligence takes over, is this what it will look like? Is it a he, a she, an it, or an us?
The mystics teach that we should glean spiritual lessons from everything that comes our way. So, what can we learn from a computer virus?
Amazingly, this huge inconvenience has put me back in touch with some people that I probably would not have written to on my own, but am so happy to be hearing from...
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