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We owe it to ourselves and to the rest of the world to write what only we can write. We all have a story, an insight, a perspective like no other...
When I write, I wait. I meditate. But then the bizarre happens. As the letters fly from my fingers, I lose control. The seed that started this process is growing on its own.
We all are writers. At birth we are given a fresh blank piece of paper and the mandate to write on it whatever we wish.
Six months ago I had a late-stage miscarriage, and gave birth to a baby that had passed away in the fifth month. I got out of the hospital, and began to write...
I gave birth about eight weeks ago and this is the first time since then that I've had the opportunity to sit down unencumbered and type my soul into this ever-patient and forgiving box of wires...
The second level emerges when Torah becomes not just an acquisition of knowledge and a subject-object encounter—an “I” facing “it”—but a personal meeting place, an “I” facing “you,” or better yet, a “we” relationship . . .
To serve or not to serve is not the question, and it is not the choice. Every character serves the author. The choice is only about how you serve--directly, playing the good guy, or indirectly, playing the villain
Every life has one: the power-that-be who guards the mandate of the publication, decides which articles will see the light of day, and suggests/insists on the changes to be made in the content and wording
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