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Ten Commandments

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We were free people. But freedom is not automatic. It is something that needs to be learned, integrated and experienced. And if you have never been free, you may not know how to do it . . .
The Ten Commandments are really five: the sixth commandment is but an extension of the first, the 2nd commandment and the 7th commandmenment are likewise one and the same, and so on
Aseret Hadibrot
The 10 Commandments were spoken by G-d atop Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Written on two tablets of stone, they are the kernel from which the entire Torah emerges.
Why Is Deuteronomy 5 Different From Exodus 20?
In a strange twist, there are some significant differences between the original text in Exodus and the repeat recorded in Deuteronomy. The rabbis explained why.
The Ten Commandments
Chp. 20 verses 1 - 5: Hashem spoke to Moshe and gave him the Ten Commandments. Introduction to the Ten Commandments. The first commandment, " I am the L-rd your G-d." The second commandment, "You shall not have other gods before me."
Making Sense of the "Ten Commandments"
How do you explain and make the Ten Commandments relevant to children? Watch how Rabbi Manis Friedman explains them in a fresh way so that even a puppet could understand.
The Ten Commandments Are Only for Moses?
Our Sages explain that the Ten Commandments were stated in the second person singular, rather than the plural, in order to provide Moses with an argument in defense of the Jewish People after they had worshipped the Golden Calf: Moses would be able to, an...
Honoring parents acknowledges our human createdness. It tells us that not everything that matters is the result of our choice, chief of which is the fact that we exist at all. Other people’s choices matter, not just our own.
Life Lessons from Parshat Yitro
The Torah we received at Sinai is the true cure for all that ails us. This is alluded to in the very first word of the Ten Commandments.
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