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Vacuum; Absence

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Darkness (13)
So often, we put things away for safekeeping. We think they are well protected, and we store them knowing we want to access them in the near future. It might be thoughts, ideas, feelings, connections, observations. And then, when we go to look for them, t...
On the essence of lunar time.
The backstory behind oppression, suffering, darkness and everything else that ever goes wrong.
It was an eerie feeling as the orbit of the planets suddenly swung into reverse. The moon was no longer receiving and reflecting light; as though sucked inwards, radiance flowed from the moon to the sun...
"I'm trying to recall some of my earliest childhood memories of my father," said my husband. "But I have none. My mind is blank..."
Create an absence, and the vacuum will fill itself with a ferociousness that no "active" force can match.
I had hopes and expectations for everything. Then came the curse, the curse that was a blessing
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