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In the footsteps of Moses
Most couples are given G‑d’s natural blessings; it’s only certain ones whom G‑d gifts with the even loftier, perhaps supernatural blessing of adoption...
Plucking a child out of his or her native environment is very traumatizing for the child. But sometimes the child's very life depends on it. Here's what you can do to ease the transition...
The Child From China
Contemporary Story
Matching Special Need Children with Especially Loving Adoptive Parents
“We usually are given a matter of days to find a Jewish home, or the child will go to a church or some other non-Jewish situation,” says Steve Krausz of Denver, who together with his wife founded The Jewish Children’s Adoption Network (JCAN).
"You and Your Baby Start a Song"
"For every ounce of effort we give these children, they give back tenfold." Chaya is the mother of six biological children, including a son with Down Syndrome and three adopted kids with Down Syndrome who were tragically abandoned by their parents at birt...
After years of trying and seeking help from specialists, Anya and Sol confronted the reality of their situation. “Would you want to adopt?” Anya asked one day in a tentative voice.
From Acceptance to Action
In spite of our investment in educational efforts, we couldn’t distract ourselves from yearning to have children of our own.
Two aspects of her fruitful life are particularly intriguing. She is a prolific author of both whimsical children’s and more reflective adult books. And some 24 years ago, she and her husband adopted and raised two infants with Down syndrome only 4½ month...
Transforming Challenges into Miracles
“I couldn’t believe I had breast cancer! I felt perfectly healthy. Physically, I took good care of myself. Spiritually, I felt I had some merits too: I had adopted four children, had changed my entire life when I became religious, and had moved countries,...
For all her charm, five-year-old Leah exhibited serious developmental issues . . .
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