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“The world, and all it contains,” states the Psalmist, “is G‑d’s." It would seem that the Eighth Commandment is superfluous—since in the final analysis, it’s not possible to steal anything.
It was the perfect apartment and the purchase was almost completed when the shekel dropped steeply against the dollar. Aleksander Guravich was suddenly obliged to come up with an additional forty thousand NIS. He didn't know where to turn.
Lessons from the Ethics of Our Fathers
People are busy rifling through the—dare I say it—junk. I must run. Run before I become entangled in that huge mess of possessions, aptly called “gar(b)age sale.”
That question probably crossed the minds of millions of Americans as they scrambled to meet the tax-filing deadline last week...
Should someone working very hard to amass wealth rather be spending his time in spiritual occupations?
Disguised as simple beggars, the holy brothers journeyed from village to village, refining their souls with the travails of exile and inspiring their brethren with words of wisdom and encouragement...
“Fools!” cried the coachman. “Do you think that I gave you to drink so that the hay you devour should be more tasty?”
What is Judaism’s economic system? Is there one? In promoting free enterprise, the Torah is clearly capitalistic. But it is a conditional capitalism, and certainly a compassionate capitalism.
“Do you own anything of value?” asked the rebbe. “Just my two horses,” replied the wagon-driver. “In that case,” said the rebbe, “you’ll have one for Purim, and the second for Passover.”
The Talmud tells us that "Rabbi [Judah HaNassi] honored the rich." Many puzzle over this statement: does the fact that Joe has more money than Frank make him a better person?
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