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Finding life's solutions is a lot like 10th grade math. You need to: a) take it one step at a time; b) isolate the "unknown variable"; c) be big enough to ask Mommy for help
"Every father wants his children to grow up and be better than him. I just didn't expect it so soon," he said. Solomon could not see his face. It was framed in shadows. His father bent down and kissed Solomon on his forehead...
What do Pascal's Triangle, the Golden Proportion, bee populations, flower pedals, pine cone spirals, and the hexagonal-shaped scales in the pineapple have in common?
Manuscript variations of works by Abraham Bar Ḥayya and Isaac Israeli
The many small distinctions between different manuscripts of two medieval Jewish works on the calendar and mathematics testify to the scribe's role in shaping the transmission of these texts.
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