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Connecting to my Family
Beyond the task itself and the satisfaction of the art of treating each garment according to its needs, I find a whole world of emotional connection in my loads of dirty laundry. As I pull each garment out of the hamper, it tells me a story about my dear ...
Load after load of whites and darks. Heavily soiled and lightly soiled. Delicate wear and regular cycle. Do You watch the constant motion and wonder at the necessity of the repetition?
Bleaching, the av melachah of melaben, is forbidden on Shabbat.Shabbat 73a; Maimonides Hilchot Shabbat 9:10; Shulchan Aruch Harav 301:56. Some authorities maintain that the av melachah is laundering, not bleaching,Rashi and Rabbeinu Nissim to Shabbat ibid...
Do Detergents Require a Kosher Certification?
One common misconception is that if something is kosher, then it must be healthy to eat.
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