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When I think about all the moments I have missed because they weren’t happening at a good time for me, I cringe. Those moments are gone, never to be experienced again. But there will be new ones. And those new ones I can be present for, if I readjust my s...
Don't we all wish we had more time? So many projects we'd love to embark upon, so many places to see and things to do, but so little time available... Or is that really a fact?
Jewish Time Management
The first mitzvah given to the Jewish people was to sanctify time. Torah teaches us how to cherish time and make the best possible use of it, by being a “co-creator” who “makes” time for what is important.
I know that it is important to help others, but I cannot seem to find time. How can I help people when I’m so busy?!
It is so easy to feel that our days are endless, that there will always be more time. And yet, think how many would do anything—give anything—for just one more day in their life. For just one more day in the life of someone they loved...
It can be sobering to periodically take stock of my goals and see how much I have actually done. While such self-appraisal is a noble and effective aspect of any plan, unfortunately, it can also easily lead to regrets and recriminations, which in turn can...
My point is not to regret the necessities of life, nor to cheat us of the relaxing moments that energize us and give us a little respite so we can go back to whatever we are doing, refreshed or relieved or both. It is that the next time we are faced with ...
This class takes a deeper look at the special value of time in light of various Torah sources.
On that busy Friday afternoon, G‑d taught us something about time and the importance of its management; every moment has an exclusive energy to be utilized, and a purpose for which it alone was created.
Let's imagine that you would be celebrating your 120th birthday today, with your body in full function. What would you do?
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